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9:37 PM

Ashley came to school today with a new haircut, like chin-length. Li ming really liked it. I think I’m gonna cut my hair similar. Maybe she’ll like it on me too.
Really I want to figure out her exact preference for everything ever. I wonder if one day it would ever be legal for us to get married! Maybe by the time we’re adults. I don’t know much about politics though. And it would be crazy if I asked her, especially because it’s not even legal. But like also it hasn’t been very long. But I feel so close to her. I feel like she’s always been with me and she must always stay with me. I’ll melt away without her. I swear to god, I’ll kill myself if she leaves me. Without her, I have nothing. Literally NOTHING keeping me on this earth. Only Li ming.
God, I miss her. She had to go do homework after school today and her dad wants her to even do extra studying. He wants her to enroll in early college courses online too. Ugh, so much time wasted not being with me for the smartest girl I know to study more. Maybe we can start doing like “study dates” and get dropped off at the library together or something. That way her dad will think she’s studying but we’ll leave and go over to the woods behind the Starbucks across the street and smoke cigs and make out .


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