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9:44 PM

Heyyyy, self. LOL
I was grounded from the computer for a fuckin week because one of my teachers emailed my parents and told them that I wasn’t paying any attention in class and was on track to start failing soon. Charlie thought that was fuckin hilarious of course. Goddamn it I hate him.
I haven’t been able to really hangout with Li ming much this week either and I’m literally dying. Either she’s had to stay at home to do school work or I can’t get a ride anywhere after school or just something is always stopping us. I only see her in class now.
I miss her.
I miss her so much.
I miss her face and her soft hands and her long hair and her long hugs.
I miss her voice and her smell and her lips.
I’m going kind of crazy not seeing her. I’ve been texting her nonstop even though mom said she’ll take my phone away if I keep racking up the phone bill texting. I need to make sure that she still likes me even though we haven’t been spending so much time together. I mean, I know she hasn’t really been able to hang out with anyone, but like, I don’t know. What if she meets some girl online or something? I can’t stand thinking about someone else kissing her or holding her hand.
I dunno. This is dumb. I’m just making myself want to die. I’m going to bed.


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