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11:54 PM

Dude. Li ming went and hung out with Ashley today and didn’t even tell me. When I texted her after I got home from school, she said that she and Ashley were all the way at the mall in Overdale! Like WTF dude. Why would she even do that? Does she even understand how much that hurts me? Like, I’m not tryna stop her from seeing her friends…our friends, but I want to know what she’s doing. I plan my entire existence around her. She could at least let me know she has plans with someone else that day, so I’m not just sitting around waiting to see her. I’m always waiting to see her.
& I dunno dude. I’m just so jealous of Ashley. When I saw her at lunch today, I was like, fuck. She’s even prettier than I picture her to be. And she has those cute dimples and she’s so tiny. AHHHH I wanna beat my head against the wall. When I first got home from school, I took a safety pin and scratched L + S on the side of my heel. It’s almost like a tattoo. Maybe I should go over it a couple more times to make sure that it stays and shows up.


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