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10:14 PM

I hate it when Li goes and hangs out with Ashley or Karla alone. What if she cheats on me? I mean, I didn’t know I liked girls until Li ming, so there’s a chance Ashley and/or Karla could be the girls she betrays me with. I’m especially worried about Ashley. She’s so gorgeous! & Li told me that red hair was her thing and it’s what made me stand out to her & Ashley has super stunning red hair! I think it’s a dye, but still. I don’t know. I’m just so nervous. So nervous she’s gonna find someone else, another girl or even a dude maybe, someone who’s way cooler and smarter and prettier and funnier than I am. I’m not a catch at all. Li ming is definitely out of my league. Really I don’t even know how it’s possible that she likes me.
I mean, I trust her. I do. She’s just so gorgeous and sweet and perfect. Anyone with half a braincell would want to be with Li ming.


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