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10:43 PM

Li ming’s parents let her come out and hang out at the mall today!
Mom bribed Charlie with no dish duty for the week to pick us up from school and drive us to the mall. Which means I have the dish duty, but like, whatever. I got to see Li ming. We got gumballs and stupid little toys and then we went into Hot Topic and Spencer’s.
Then we went into Old Navy and we went in a changing room together and made out and it was really great. LOL Ashley was with us and she was like, duuuudesss, hurry up! We held hands for a little bit walking around, but Li ming got paranoid that someone who knew her parents would see us. Later, she convinced her mom to let her hang out at my house for a little while, so my mom picked us up from the mall and then we went and watched a movie. We watched V for Vendetta with Natalie Portman. It was frickin’ crazy! But the best part was that we were in the basement with a blanket and we held hands the whole movie under the blanket and stole a few kisses, hoping my mom wouldn’t come down to the basement to do laundry or anything. She didn’t! Thank fuck!
My mom drove Li ming home and I went with and sneakily got a quick kiss in hidden in our goodbye hug. I was smiling like an idiot the whole way home & I was glad it was dark & I was in the backseat (I annoyed the shit out of my mom because I was lazy and didn’t want to move up front LOL) And also, I’m excited because it’s my birthday in 6 days!!
I’ll be 15! That means I can get a learner's permit soon!


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