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9:18 PM

Mom said I can have a little party on Saturday for my birthday! It’s not my actual birthday, but it’s close enough! Shit, I don’t know who to invite. Obviously, Li ming, Ashley and Karla. …Trent…Jesse, Steven, Diana and Chloe? That’s 8 people and probably not all of them will be able to come because it’s such short notice, but yeah, that looks like a good guest list. Yikes, but I’m worried it will be so lame. My mom and the kids are gonna be here and ew, maybe fuckin Charlie! Like what are we gonna do? We won’t even be able to smoke cigarettes. Oh yeah, I smoke cigs now. Everyone does. Mom would flip if she found out though.
This stupid party is just gonna be like punch and pizza and Guitar Hero… Damn, everyone’s gonna be bored. Maybe I shouldn’t do it…


11:43 PM

I was talking to Li ming on the phone and she said I should totally have the party and that everyone will have a good time. She talked me into it. I think it could be fun! She said we can figure out a way to sneak off and smoke if we want to. It’s pretty warm out still so we could go for a walk or something and she said Ashley always has body spray and hand sanitizer to cover up any smell.


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