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8:19 PM

I just got home from hanging out with Li ming at her house! She said yes! She said she’ll be my girlfriend!!!
I seriously can’t believe this. It’s like I’m living in a dream.
I have a girlfriend.
She’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen & I just want to make her happy all the time.
She said she’s had two girlfriends before, last year when she was a freshman. I told her I’d never officially dated anyone before, and she said it was OK. I told her I couldn’t tell my family and she said there was no way she could come out to her family either. They want her to “start dressing properly” and spend all her time on schoolwork until she finds a husband, preferably Chinese. No way would a white girlfriend fly with them! So, I guess we’re keeping this secret together. I mean, Ashley and Karla and the group all know about us, but they’re not going to tell anyone who knows our families. & we don’t have to worry about our siblings because her brother is in 6th grade so we’ll be graduated by the time he’s a freshman, and my younger siblings are all under 9 years old, and then Charlie is 20 and out of high school.
LOL look at me thinking that Li ming and I might be together when we graduate! We’ll probably have to move again before Senior year though…so, yeah, who knows? Long distance would suck. We’d only be able to talk on the phone or AIM. I’m getting so ahead of myself. We just started dating today. I need to calm down so I don’t scare her off. LOL


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