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7:46 PM

New journal=new Shea. Right?
And yet again, here I sit. Getting ready to start another new school. I’m fuckin pissed man. I’ll be 15 next month! I should have some sort of say in where I live and go to school. 15 is practically 18 and 18 is an adult! I kinda wanna get emancipated. That would be fuckin cool! Drop out and just get my GED, get a job, a car, get roommates.
Dad doesn’t give a shit, he’s always gone. Mom tries, I know she does, but she could try a lot harder. She’d prolly be happy if I left. One less thing for her to worry about.

I wonder if I will meet any cute guys at school tomorrow?
Or will I be FOREVER ALONE??
LOL I’m so fuckin dramatic Of course I'll be alone forever.

I gotta try to go to sleep so I’m not a fuckin zombie on the first day of school.
Should I dye my hair pink like this girl?
LOL I ask like anyone else is ever gonna see this page! X`D

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