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6:55 PM

I got Li ming’s phone number today and we’re supposed to hangout! I’m not supposed to text because it’s expensive, but I’ll figure out a way.
Maybe mom won’t notice because she’s so stressed all the time.
But yeah, so what happened was:
I walked past her at lunch, and she invited me to sit down with her and her friends! We were talking about music and she really likes MCR too! (Ahhhhhhhh, Gerard Way!!!!!!!)
But yeah, anyways… She showed me some print-outs of tattoo designs she wants to get when she’s 18, and then she asked if I wanted to chill sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like OMG she wants to hang out with ME?? She’s so freaking cool and pretty and sweet and stylish. I wish I could be like her…


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