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3:02 PM

I’m glad today is Sunday so that I can go back to school in the morning and see Li ming and get out of this stupid house. I really wish I was an only child. Like, why would my parents want six frickin kids?? And why am I the one who has to babysit?? Charlie’s the oldest and he doesn’t even have a job. I don’t even want any kids ever. They basically just make noise and poop.
I wonder what Li ming’s room looks like. I bet it looks a lot better than mine. Yikes. If I want her to ever come over, I’m gonna hafta clean the fuck up in here. I bet her room is perfect and beautiful like she is. Honestly, I’ve known this girl for four days, and I feel really weird. Like, I dunno. Like, maybe I want to be more than her friend? But that’s silly. I’ve always liked boys… yeah, that’s crazy.
I just think she’s super cool is all.


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