Dianabrutall92 has entered the chat.
Bl00dr3dsumm3er has entered the chat.
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: dude shea is getting so weird
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: its getting creepy
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: im worried im gonna need 2 call the cops soon
Dianabrutall92: Dude whaaaat
Dianabrutall92: what’s she doing?
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: well i woke up this morning & there was a huge note taped to my window that says
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: I LOVE YOU LI MING
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: so that was weird
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: and also like a week and a ½ ago she left flowers and candy and shit on my doorstep
Dianabrutall92: geeze
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: and ive been getting this feeling that im being watched like all the time
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: I thought I was being paranoid but like shes left shit at my house twice so its not a stretch to think she might be watching other times
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: I woke up last night & almost felt like someone had been in my room
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: im sure it was just like the residue of a nightmare but who knows how long she could be outside my house before she leaves stuff /
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: I cringe every time I see her at school dude
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: shes cute but shes way 2 fuckin crazy
Dianabrutall92: yeah dude. That’s really scary! Did you tell your parents??
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: im about 2 tell them when my dad gets home from work
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: ill let him call the cops
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: i hate talking on the phone