As you stoop to pick up the object, you find it’s a tiny envelope of some iridescent material.

You open it.

Inside is a tiny piece of palmenium, splattered with blood.

The whole thing evaporates in your hand, quicker than a heartbeat.

And your own heartbeat speeds up.

You hear something stir and hope for it not to be the Lady Amaranth.

You move quickly to the closet for the jade green gown the Lady had chosen last night.

You finish your ironing like the professional you are, and everything is perfect when the Lady arises.

The Lady is melancholy today and declares she will not rise.

She tells you, ‘Just send a maid with some tea. That’s all I want.’

‘I want to be left alone. Please leave me. Go. Go, visit your mother in town!’

‘Yes, that is your task for today. Go to town and see your mother.’

Seems you have the day off.

Do you:

dutifully head to town to visit with mom?

go off into a hidden room in the fortress of Lord Eldar to read?