The Fight for Palmenium

The ancestors of the fire elves long-ago destroyed any rival life in the country of Zadaran, when they descended from far away in the cosmos.

Only those elves and some wild beasts remain in this strange desert-like land.

Lord Eldar is a kind elf who controls the largest source of palmenium (the main fuel and a necessary nutrient) in Zadaran.

Palmenium is close to being the only natural resource available, besides clear springs hidden in the rocks and an abundance of the magic dust the elves use to skillfully craft their food.

As such, it is highly valuable, and Lord Eldar sits only below the royal family.

There are those who wish to shove Eldar off his high seat.

Play as Logan: stable-hand in the household of Lord Eldar. Shaggy, longish blonde hair, green eyes, lithe and strong.

Play as Kait: pretty elven maiden, close-cropped red hair, shimmering hazel eyes. Handmaiden of Lord Eldar’s wife, Lady Amaranth.