Bl00dr3dsumm3er has entered the chat.
Ash_animosity haS entered the chat.
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: dude i hope shea doesnt come back 2 school
Ash_animosity: yeah dude, I’m sure u feel alot more comfortable without her at school!!
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: i keep having this dream that shes standing over my bed staring at me
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: its awful & like her eyes glow and shit in the dream every time
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope shes gone 4 good dude
Ash_animosity: forrealz tho
Ash_animosity: that dream sounds so fuckin creepy! Gives me goosebumps like crazy! *shiver*
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: yea ive been sleeping w the light on