Dianabrutall92 has entered the chat.
Ash_animosity has entered the chat.
Bl00dr3dsumm3er has entered the chat.
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: OMFG YOU GUYS
Dianabrutall92: what happened???
Ash_animosity: ???? Are u okay??
Karlaisobel2004 has entered the chat.
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: shea is a fucking psycho!
Karlaisobel2004: omg what did she do?!
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: ok so i was sleeping and i was having that dream about shea watching me sleep.
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: but then i heard a snipping sound near my head
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: & i swear 2 fuckin god that SHEA WAS IN MY FUCKING ROOM AND SHE CUT OFF SOME OF MY HAIR!!!!
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: so i started screaming and my parents started coming down the hall
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: but she fuckin locked the door
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: & then she started yelling that she was gonna stab herself if i didn’t go back out with her
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: & i told her no way in hell & went to grab my phone 2 call the cops
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: & that crazy bitch tried to stab me!
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: she said that if i wasnt hers that i shouldnt be anyones because no one will love me as much as she does
Dianbrutall92: What the fuck
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: im so freaked out!!
Karlaisobel2004: I bet dude!!
Ash_animosity: she seemed so normal and cool when she first got to school
Ash_animosity: like wtf she lost her mind over u, Li ming
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: i kno dude
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: BUT she jumped out the window and idk where she went
Ash_animosity: Holy shit.
Karlaisobel2004: Dude! Did she hurt you at all??
Ash_animosity: yeaH! Are u okay??
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: yea im fine
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: physically
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: i need the cops to find her tho
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: were gonna press charges 4 sure
Dianabrutall92: yeah dude! Omg she should def get put away w the crazies!
Ash_animosity: I agree!
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: i almost feel bad 4 her because shes so fuckin nuts
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: ALMOST
Karlaisobel2004: your such a good person!
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: that fuckin girl needs some help dude
Bl00dr3dsumm3r: ughhhhhhhh im rly scared guys